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Brayden Miller 8th Grade English Ms.King November 24,2015 Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Bunker Hill had many reasons to be fought. It was a great impact on the war. It was a lose for us but a great devastation for britain. It got us courage to fight for our freedom and independence. The Battle of Bunker Hill was caused by the british attacking the patriots with many leaders events and effects. Many things happened in the Battle of Bunker Hill. One event was how the british took over the fort but it was devastating victory. states that the patriots learned that the british were coming, so they built forts to prepair. Because the patriots were low on ammunition the caption said “Don't shoot till you see the wight in there eyes.” The british marched in lines then when the got several yards away the patriots fired their muskets at the british laying them down and forcing them to retreat. The same thing happend 2 times before the patriots had no more ammunition. When the british got several yard away the patriots engaged in hand to hand combat. The outnumbered patriots had to retreat back. The patriots had more than 100 killed while more than 300 wounded. The british had more than 200 killed and more than 800 wounded.…show more content…
As it states in the encyclopedia 4 page 774 the british attacked from the land and sea while the patriots shot from above. As the battle on breed's hill went on and the base was captured, the patriots retreated to another base as others fled. It took place on June/17/1775 in charlestown, peninsula. A mystery is why prescott went on beyond Bunker

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