Budweiser Super Bowl Effect

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The Super Bowl Effect Every year, millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl, some for the actual game itself, others for the advertisements and the half-time show. The Super Bowl is the most profitable live televised sport event with majority of the money they earn from the advertisements. This year alone 111.5 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, and many advertisements played throughout the game each having paid between $4 million to $8 million (Thompson). This would seem to be a good investment for the price that you pay for the amount of people who will watch the advertisement you create. During the 48th Super Bowl, Budweiser created an advertisement that featured a puppy, some horses and a farm to promote their beer. This…show more content…
There is a story for the consumers watching the advertisement to create a connection with the product. The advertisement, given the title “Puppy Love”, was a story of a friendship created by a Golden Labrador puppy and a Clydesdale horse, better known as the horse of Budweiser, on a farm. It is shown throughout the commercial they try to see each other and they are separated by the farm owner and just as they were about to be separated from each other for good other Clydesdale horses came to bring the puppy back home. There is an adorable, sweet story given off of the commercial that convinces the audience to remember the name of the brand being promoted. A puppy and a horse being friends have nothing to do with Budweiser or the beer they are trying to sell yet it works. Through the use of commodity fetishism, they are able to sell a product to the audience that they do not need. Beer is not a necessity in life, but the story of a puppy and horse being friends gives reason for the consumer to buy the product. “Puppy Love” is able to do exactly this. Advertising is part of a system that is providing products with a symbolic meaning and developing a symbolic association with the brand for the consumers (Turow and McAllister, pg. 207). The consumer remembers the name…show more content…
They know who watches it, why the watch it and more importantly what parts they watch during the entire airing. Many people watch the Super Bowl for the football game, but also many people watch it just for the commercials aired and the Super Bowl half-time show. It is known that the majority of those who watch the Super Bowl are part of the male demographic, but through the half-time show and commercials aired through out the it all has caused the female minority to grown in size. So the cute commercial with puppies, horses, and so-called sweet song playing in the background such as “Let Her Go” by the Passengers draws attention from most of the consumers watching (“Budweiser Super Bowl”). The advertisers are trying to make it seem as though the product they are trying to sell to the consumer is important, mostly due to the story they give it. This commercial eventually lead on to more commercials that included dogs and horses because of the success this advertisement was for the brand. There is a sense of validity given to the consumer. The consumer knows that the story they are sold is not going to be true for them if they buy the product, but that does not stop them from wanting the product. This is exactly what “Puppy Love” was able to do. There was not a part in the commercial that explained if the product they are trying to sell is good or the best, the name is not

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