Brown V Board Of Education Essay

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Brown V. The Board of Education, it was argued in December 9, 1952. It was decided in May 17, 1954. On May 17th The court ruled that “Separate but equal” . The Brown V. Board of Education was a case dealing with segregation. This was segregation against colored children in public school system. The Brown V. The board of Education case severed as a catalyst for the modern civil rights movement. This inspired education everywhere. The nation made great strides towards education for everyone. This continued throughout the late 1980s. The Supreme court case was very important. This court case directly dealt with segregation. This ended legal segregation in public schools. This court changed history for forever. The people dealt with this case…show more content…
The Board of Education Kansas, Briggs V. Elliot South Carolina, Bulah V. Gebhart Delaware, Davis V. County school board of Prince Edward County Virginia, and Bolling V. Sharpe District of Columbia. These cases all sought desegregation of schools. The unamimous court wrote that quality education was very important for all children. The courts unanimous decision overturned provisions for the 1896 Plessy V. Ferguson decision that allowed “Separate but equal”. In the mid 1930s, The National Association for the Advancement of colored people. The ruling prompted several school districts. Each of the schools districts involved had improved the tangible aspects of the black schools. Segregation of children in public schools denies black children the equal protection of the laws of the fourteenth amendment. The fourteenth amendment played a very big role in segregation. Separating people by their races is uncalled for. People are all the same no matter what color their skin color is and deserve the same rights as anyone else. When a child is segregated by their race it proves what type of people they. The Brown V. The board of education, gave a great example of everyone is the same no matter what race they are or even who they
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