To Kill A Mockingbird Comparative Essay

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Man’s inhumanity to man expresses the intolerance and persistent inhumane acts to one another. This unbearable theme is explored throughout the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee, gives an insight on a town called Maycomb where black communities are seen as inferior simply because of natural identity. Film, The Help directed by Tate Taylor closely engages with the marginalised community and extensively shows the immoral mistreatment from superior whites. Both of these centrally contrast with, prejudice due to narrow-mindedness, marginalisation and treatments of others. Influence on past generations is vital towards the attitudes displayed when they grow older, the main cause of prejudice due to narrow-mindedness. To Kill A…show more content…
Arthur Radley is affected by marginalisation because of his shy nature of isolation. His reclusive interaction with the outside world ever since early youth has led to a lack of social ingenuity. Due to this he is seen as a, “malevolent phantom,” psychopathic killer that resembles darkness and evil. As a result of these false accusations, he is forced to live a cloistered life, because the community is frightened of him. Minny Jackson is marginalised in many different ways compared to Boo, but displays a representative personality to the community. Minny is racially marginalised purely because she is black in contrast to the arrogant, rich white community. Minny is inferior to the entire white community in all aspects and lacks the benefits they are entitled to for the sole reason of skin colour. Hilly’s obnoxious behaviour is displayed when she says, “Wouldn’t you rather them take their business outside?” because the black community supposedly carries different diseases. Both Minny and Arthur represent innocence, but are marginalised by superior groups because of the cultured perception of

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