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Three different branches make up the Federal government, these are Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, also known as check and balances. There could be multiple different ways how this country, we chose the best option. A Democratic government has distinct forms and function that created today's modern America. To begin, the Legislative branch is the part of Federal government that creates the laws. Second, the Executive branch carries out the law that the Legislative branch creates. Lastly, the Supreme and other courts make up the Judicial branch which evaluate the laws. Parliamentary government otherwise known as the Cabinet government, is a government system that has all executive power in a cabinet. Only Legislative members can be involved…show more content…
The President or in other words the head of government controls the executive powers in America. The president plays many important constitutional roles such as, The Commander in Chief, Power over Foreign affairs, Legislative Power, Execute laws, power over the Judiciary, and Head of State roles. As the Commander and Chief the president is the ultimate decision maker for the military. By negotiating treaties, resolving conflicts and making executive agreements the president fills his role over foreign affairs. Setting the presidential agenda, working to pass and rally for legislation is a form of the president being the Legislative Power. As the Executive laws the president is the CEO for implementing the law. Dealing with Judicial nominations and implementing decisions the president is acting out Power of the Judiciary. When the President comforts the Nation after a tragic catastrophe or reprieves and pardons he is acting as the Head of State. These roles can differ depending of the systems. Throughout the executive branch there are different individuals that help the president with his responsibilities. These individuals are, The Vice President, Cabinet members, The Executive office, the white house staff, and the First Lady. The role of the president has a lot of plasticity. The official definition of the word plasticity is fluid and can be easily altered or

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