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A Love for Volleyball. I found a love for volleyball when I was young. I would sit in my dad’s lap and watch volleyball games on television. We would talk about different plays and what each player was doing and why. The summer before my sixth-grade year, I started playing volleyball. The team played in tournaments twice a month and practiced hard three days a week. I loved playing with all my heart. I put in long hard hours of court time and even more long hard hours of learning and conditioning. The coaches were training us to be better, stronger, more dependable players. Some practices the team would run so much we would get sick. If we missed a serve, shank a ball, got a bad attitude or did a multitude of other things we would run,…show more content…
During the practice before a tournament coach would have us all sit in a circle in the middle of the court. She would give us all a check list of what we needed to bring to the games. We would talk about how important being a team player was and keeping our heads up. After our talk was over, we would pray and run home to get rested up for the long two days to follow. On Saturday morning, we would arrive at the warehouse where we would play, bright and early. When I walked in I could hear volleyballs being bounced around and whistles being blown at the end and beginning of each play. I turned the corner to see a hundred courts with a couple hundred people in all. I would stretch and put on my uniform. Then the team would gather to play a game before the match. We would play duck-duck-goose or little-sally-walker. When we got onto the court, we would grab a ball and shuffle around the court moving our arms up and down. After that, we would get a partner and warm up our arms. First throwing the ball with our right then our left and finally both. I would then throw a ball to my partner for them to pass back to me and they would do the same for

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