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Tom’s attitude toward life at the beginning of the story changed, in comparison to the end. At the beginning of the story, he was willing to sacrifice his time to get a promotion and was only concerned about being at the very top of his company. On page 121, it read, “From stacks of trade publications, gone over page by page in snatched half hours at work and during evenings at home, he had copied facts, quotations, and figures onto that sheet. And he had carried it with him to the Public Library at on Fifth Avenue, where he’d spent dozen lunch hours and early evening adding more. All were needed to support and lend authority to his idea for a new grocery-story display method; without them his idea was a mere opinion.” Based on this, it is perceived that Tom only cares about working.…show more content…
However, later on in the short story, when he is trapped outside the ledge of his house, he realizes that there is more to life than work. In the story, it says, “He wished, then, that he had not allowed his wife to go off by herself tonight—and on similar nights. He thought of all the evenings he had spent away from her, working; and he regretted them. He thought wonderingly of his fierce ambition and of the direction his life had taken; he thought of the hours he’s spent by himself, filling the yellow sheet that had brought him out of here.” In the end, Tom is furious and regretful regarding the way he spent his time. He noticed if he died that second on the ledge, all he did was work. Throughout the story, Tom begins to understand life is about making memories with his loved ones and having fun. Even though he did work hard, he was merely focused on his goal. Therefore, it made him forget his loved

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