Boys In The Sea Analysis

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A major theme in the boys in the boat is that darkness and light. This theme is spreaded throughout the book in every part. First of all Joe Rantz childhood and then his rowing team. I have seen many examples of the theme darkness and light and it is like a roller coaster until Joe get the ultimate award. In part one there was a lot of darkness and light theme, the first part of darkness was that Joe’s mother died when Joe was very little. Then there was when Joe was kicked out of the house because he had a small fight with little Mike, and he had to work for the school teacher by cutting wood for joe everyday to keep the school’s huge fireplace running day and night ,and then there was ;the worst when Joe was left all by himself when Harry…show more content…
the freshman team at first started struggling and then when it came to the competition they started doing amazingly whileAll the cruise was getting ready to take on California's crew the Rivalry between Washington and California's Cruise forward very intense their first race was only those two Crews because they were the only major crewing teams in the West. when Joe rantz was a freshman The crew that he was on practice very hard leave it end it didn't matter if it rained or how cold it was sometime Joe rantz is bold would beat the varsity vote when they were trying to the way they were returning back to the Shell House . In the first race of Joe rantz Green career the freshman team won against California's freshman team And so did Washington's Varsity crew. the second big race was in Poughkeepsie which was the event for the national title in which Joe rantz his freshman team became national champions and the Washington Varsity crew lost took California's Varsity

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