To Kill A Mockingbird Curiosity Analysis

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Have you ever been curious about something and then proceeded to investigate to spite being told not to? This is pretty much the same situation Jem, Scout and Dill were in. They kept trying to catch a glimpse of Boo Radly. Even though Atticus had already told them to leave him alone numerous times. Boo Radly, however, wouldn’t come out. This left the children with a decision to make. Should they leave Boo Radly alone? Should they continue to pursue the tiniest gander of Boo Radly flesh? It is my personal belief that the children should strive to satisfy this, their deepest curiosity. I believe there are three corroborative reasons for this statement, lessons, curiosity and gifts. Through the course of the book, “how to kill a mocking bird…show more content…
For example, here are a few of the interesting thoughts the children possessed about Boo Radly. Firstly, they thought him to be a murdering recluse, the murder having consisted of Boo repeatedly stabbing his father to death with a pair if scissors. Secondly, they have decided, contrary to popular opinion that Boo is in fact not dead and was simply bidding his time until the moment when his older brother was not looking, to escape the confines of his dark cell. Then he would roam around, slowly assassinating every person in the town! Now finally these wonderful, imaginative children have conjured up the image of an extremely muscular, beady eyed, hairy, middle aged man being detained either under his parent’s front porch or deep in the darkest depths of their basement. Soon however, these children were to find that not one of their conspiracy theories was…show more content…
Yet their reasoning is not very strong. One of their reasons is that Boo Radley thought to be dead and if not, crazy, could have done any number of things the kids. Though, according to my reasoning, Atticus knew Arthur was not mad, if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have permitted the kids to go snooping around the Raldy house. Another of my poor mistaken opposer’s points is that, also thought to be a murderer, boo could have hurt the children severely. However, I will once again, Atticus knew that Boo was not in the least a murder. Since Atticus knew Arthur would not hurt the kids, He was okay with them snooping around a

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