Boys In The Boat

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The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics was mainly about Joe Rantz, although it included the other boys in the winning crew and a few other ‘main’ characters. I actually liked a few different things about the book. My favorite thing was probably reading the races. It was so easy to get wrapped up into the details of the race. It was cool reading about all the training, what they went through to get to those final few minutes. No even just the final Olympic race, but all of the little races leading up to it. Reading about all of their trials and struggles was really interesting because it just pulled me into the book. I think that might be because I could better relate to them when you see that they aren’t just nine perfect men who rowed perfectly for a few minutes in some huge worldwide race. When you really get to know the boys in the…show more content…
I am not any sort of athlete, and I never really knew-or even took a minute to think about how much work goes into each competition. This book taught me how hard athletes have to work for everything in their career. It is no easy thing to be a competitive athlete. This book also taught me some history. I had no idea that while the Olympics were being held in Berlin, Germany; it was basically one big charade. They were faking, pretending to be a perfect, nice country. When in reality, Hitler was scheming to kill a large portion on its population and take over the world. This is no small thing. This brings me to the one thing I did not like about the book. Although I understood why it was necessary to be in the book, when they were talking about the historical aspects of the book, and going into great detail of things, I began to lose interest. I suppose you could say, that throughout the book, I was really just wanting to read about the races, the training, the drama, and the

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