Personal Narrative-Debt Collectors

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“Sorry, Matt. Coby dropped the class and is no longer on your Robotics team.” It felt as though the room suddenly went silent and a disappointed and dejected feeling came over me. I was deeply puzzled over the statement considering I’d known Coby for my entire life and he absolutely loved this area of engineering. It was one of the interests we both shared. It crossed my mind that I in fact hadn’t seen him in about a week. Not at church or before school, and he didn’t eat lunch with my friends and me anymore. I didn’t let the thought bug me though, “Maybe he’s really sick and dropped the class because he had to change his schedule”, I thought. Time continued to go by and Coby was nowhere to be seen. My other friends and I discussed the topic and we all came to the same consensus that none of us knew where he was. “Is he on vacation?”, “Is he visiting family?”, “Did he move?” None of these made any…show more content…
We had been hanging out all day doing things ranging from playing cards to prank calling other friends. I can still remember it perfectly. The confusion in our friends voices as we pretended to be Debt Collectors. The horrible, yet accomplished feeling of finishing an entire pizza by ourselves. Getting punched by Batman himself through Coby’s premium sound system. Drinking liters and liters of soda. Something was off though, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Coby didn’t seem normal, his mood was far from ordinary. Whenever he walked, his feet were heavy, burdened with heavy weights. His head hung low, physically pulled and attracted towards the ground. Eyes scanning, mind thinking, cogs turning, confusion ensuing. It looked like Coby was physically burdened, but he continued to say he was okay, so I didn’t let it bug me and it ended up being one of the best days I ever spent with a friend and the memory will continue to thrive in my

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