Manolin Fishing

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In a tiny fishing village in Cuba, there lives an old fisherman named Santiago. Santiago had gone fishing eighty-four without catching a fish. The many days of coming home empty-handed cost Santiago his fishing partner a young boy named Manolin. Even though Manolin was not working with Santiago anymore, the boy cared for the old man just the same. Manolin thinks of Santiago as the best fisherman he knows. In the novel on page twenty-three Manolin says “There are many good fishermen and some great ones. But there is only you.” The old man is either pitied or mocked by the other fisherman of the village because of his age and his streak of bad luck. When Santiago arrived back on his eighty-fourth day, Manolin helped the old man carry the mast of his boat back to his shack. The shack consisted of one room filled “bed, a table, one chair, and a place on the dirt floor to cook with charcoal” as the book described on page fifteen. When they arrived at the shack, Santiago talked about his role model Joe DiMaggio while Manolin made him dinner. After eating the old man drifted into sleep where he dreamt about lions. The next morning Santiago and Manolin woke…show more content…
Santiago tied the line the marlin was on to the boat and gave his cramping hand a break. The fish blood polluted the water with its blood and attracted sharks. The old man knew the blood would attract sharks and when the first shark arrived he shot it with his harpoon gun but in turn lost his harpoon gun. Later two more sharks appear and after he lost his harpoon gun from the first shark Santiago ties his knife to the end of one of his oars and fights off the two sharks. The first shark is killed with ease. The second shark grabs some of the marlin’s meat and then after a battle is killed by Santiago. The killing of the third shark causes Santiago’s knife blade to

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