Borderline Personality Issues

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MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN CHILDREN OF DIVORCE One of the personality disorders which is dreaded in adults is Borderline Personality Disorder. It describes people who are deluded and irrational and fearful with a high impulsivity score. People with this disorder appear to be fighting for life during upsets that other people would consider small and correctable. However, this disorder, too, has been studied and determined to begin with stressors related to childhood trauma, including physical or sexual abuse, but also from witnessing violence and from feeling unprotected in a violent and erratic world. Stressors like parental depression, substance abuse, and criminality are also risk factors associated with borderline pathology in children.…show more content…
These parental behaviors can combine with the child's intrinsic mental health wiring to shape the borderline personality. Some studies have said that sexual abuse is a precursor to Borderline Personality Disorder, but more recent investigation says that sexual abuse is only one marker of the neglect and traumatic experiences that seem to occur in the same families. But children who have experienced sexual abuse do appear to present with borderline symptoms four times more often that those children who have not been victims of sexual…show more content…
In one study personality disordered clients were examined with regard to traumatic exposure to juvenile events. Rates of traumatic exposure, age of first exposure to trauma, and rates of post-traumatic stress disorder were compared. Those clients with the more severe personality disorders, like schizotypal disorder or borderline disorder, were found to report more types of traumatic exposure and higher rates of physical attack than control groups. The study found that there is a specific relationship between early trauma and sexual attack on a child and that child's severe personality disorder - primarily Borderline Personality Disorder. It is not suggested that divorce is the precursor to Borderline Personality Disorder, but a factor in the development of this and other Personality Disorders is separation from primary attachment figures in early life and the factors which attend that separation. In a traumatized and depressed family other related issues are more likely to occur than in a whole family system. The risk of sex abuse of young children is multiplied when there are non-related adults in the home, or when the depressed residential parent is numbing pain with substance

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