Borderline Personality Disorder Research Paper

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a disorder in which a person is very impulsive and has extremely unstable behavior. Depression and fits of anger are also symptoms that someone could have BPD. You usually begin to see these situations and signs in early adulthood or teenage years. Other symptoms for Borderline Personality Disorder are having a serious fear of being abandoned or left, extreme rage, and being very irritable. People who suffer from BPD can also experience difficulties with their personal and social relationships, and their self-image. People that have BPD are known to self-harm, act suicidal and especially have issues with substance abuse. They believe drugs and alcohol are a way for them to let out their emotions. Once symptoms begin to appear, others might not…show more content…
She has been in the movie and music industry since she was only a toddler. She is suspected of having BPD and has had years of symptoms and struggles. Since she was a teenager she had issues with her father, which could be the cause of her BPD along with the intense pressure from being famous so young. She has had substance abuse issues almost all her life and even drinking problems. Lohan has been found doing cocaine and smoking marijuana. She has also been arrested for drug related charges, gone to rehab multiple times and has acted suicidal. Lindsay Lohan also has issues of anger and fits of rage. These are all symptoms of BPD and her fame in Hollywood could actually be making her disorder worse. She is constantly in the spotlight and has pressure being put on her all the time. With her lifestyle it is very difficult to successfully treat her BPD. She has all the access to the best physicians and psychiatrists, but it is very difficult for people with BPD to maintain therapy and treatments. Especially for a celebrity who has unlimited access to partying, drugs, money and people who could negatively influence

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