Brave New World Gender Equality Analysis

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Melissa Maldonado Mr. Wakely ERWC P. 1 4 April 2015 Writing Task 3: Gender Equality Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, published 1932, strives for a utopian society that reveals the dangers of scientific progress. He manages to use Henry Ford’s assembly line to mass production and incorporates it into science. While creating this world, Huxley draws a distinction between the roles of men and women. Men are viewed as superior figures while women are used as sex devices. In the beginning of the novel, the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is giving students a tour of the Hatchery, but it is confirmed all of them are male. In describing the reproductive process, the Director explains 70 percent of female fetuses are sterilized while it is clear that no male is sterilized. Another worry women have to deal with is the use of contraceptives. The book never mentions a man must remember to use protection, it is all in the hands and responsibility of the woman. The two main female characters are Lenina and Linda and it shows that they’re each ignorant and promiscuous which is what the society is based upon. The main male characters, Bernard and Helmholtz, are items of this society as well but Huxley enables them to cross-examine their surroundings and hope for a better world. Helmholtz exposes his…show more content…
As stated in the ERWC Course Module published 2013, women are not viewed as motherly icons or even creators of life but as sex objects and instant gratification. The book also shows how women are higher than Betas while the men are Alphas. The role of men is to be in charge. Males hold the power and authority in the state. Henry Foster and the Director are in charge of the Hatchery and Mustapha Mond is the high authority figure within the World State. The only time men and women appear to be equal is in sexual relations because each gender is allowed to be with as many partners as

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