What Is Adolf Hitler's Mental Illness

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A Case of Study of Hitler This paper is going to discuss and focus on the possible Mental Health Disorders that plagued Adolf Hitler. Research suggests that many of his mental issues begin at a very early age. My interest in Adolf Hitler was sparked early due to the fact that he was accused of using varies drugs that had different effects on him and was even noted as having a substance abuse problem in his years. The Case Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Branuau, Austrian to, Alois Hitler (father) and Clara Hitler (mother). This paper will discuss some of the mental issues in his younger years and adult years to help with the understanding of his mental issues. Presenting Problem Hitler a 56 year old male symptoms…show more content…
Most of the research that I found suggested that Adolf was his mother favorite. The year 1895 his father retired and was home more with Adolf. His father was known as a very authoritative figure and expected far more of them than their mother. Physically being punished, but for Adolf it was more so hurtful of the shame and ridicule cause by his father that cause him pain. (Thrine, 2004) At the age of 10, Adolf lost the youngest of the siblings, Edmund, to measles in 1899. His grades began to fail and at that point his father wanted him to focus on sciences and language, even though he failed several of those classes. Hitler took in interest in art and action adventure stories. He then began focusing most of his time drawing as an outlet to escape from the pain. (Thrine, 2004) Adolf father died when he was 13 and he then became the father figure of the house. His mother died shortly after from breast cancer. He was a reclusive child only having one childhood friend August Kubizek. Kubizek was easily manipulated by Hitler and was known as a follower by many. They were friends up until the time Hitler died. Hitler was a very secretive person he did not disclose much about himself to many people. The few relationships that he did have he was known as a very controlling and jealous person. (Thrine,…show more content…
With the defeat of Germany, Hitler took it very rough and had suffered from temporary blindness. There are only two known relationships that Hitler had one with his niece Geli, (his older sister daughter). Hitler was self-appointed as her guardian after the death of her mother and father died. Hitler was in control of her money so out of fear she was forced to stay with him. In 1931 Geli committed suicide after her and Adolf had a argument. His next relationship was with the woman who would become his wife (Eva Bruan), he dated both Eva and Gila at the same time. It was said that Adolf only paid attention to Eva only when he wanted sex from her and she was only with him because of the lifestyle he afforded her. They both committed suicide in 1945, only a day after they were married. (Thrine,

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