Book Thief Movie Vs. The Book

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Any movie will be compared to the story that it was based off of, and critics often make a unanimous decision about whether it was done well or not. In the case of The Book Thief, the quality of the film and the appropriateness of the director’s creative license can still be argued about. The Book Thief’s movie adaption certainly did not measure up to its novel, specifically because the movie lacked depth when it came to portrayal of the main characters, Liesel, Max, and Death. The altered plot of the movie only slightly influences its retelling. In both versions, Liesel is a young girl who steals books in her passion for reading. She is adopted by Hans and Rosa Hubermann after her biological mother can no longer care for her, and on Himmel Street, she makes friends with a boy her age named Rudy. In the original story, they steal food together when such resources are scarce, and in the movie, she watches him die in her arms instead of finding his body already dead, but those are the most noticeable differences.…show more content…
That, however, was of less importance than the personalities of the characters themselves. For example, Liesel hesitates to speak to max in the book, while in the movie they become friends as soon as he arrives on Himmel Street. She would only speak to him through her Papa in the book, but in the movie, they have real conversations as soon as Max has recovered from the journey there. An important trait of her character is her initial shyness when she meets new people, and it is not represented in the

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