One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Characters

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Is Molly a strong female character beyond the fact that she can throw a punch with the greatest of ease? Why or why not? Molly is a street samurai, mercenary, bionic bodyguard hired by Armitage to protect Case and to infiltrate the facilities for missions. The technologically modified make Molly physically strong to be a killing machine. She has cool features that built-in razors in her nails like claws and the “mirrored glasses” surgically inserted in her eyes with night vision. She wears “black boots, tight glove leather pants, black light absorbing jacket” and “a bullet proof sleeveless pullover” for her Fletcher pistol. Her entire body modifications allow her to embark on dangerous missions with Case and others. However, Molly is also weak in psychology because she wears mirrored glasses for prohibiting her eyes from conveying emotions. “…the glasses were surgically inset, sealing her sockets. The silver lenses seemed to grow from smooth pale skin above her cheekbones…”(24) She chooses to wear a mask to face the world even the man she has fallen in love with. Molly is also a weak woman to cope with her tragic fate. In order to get power, Molly had to be a “meat puppet” as prostitutes to be played with and manipulated in the novel. The worse part is that Molly is used for sex…show more content…
But it shows a totally new setting world. It also includes every single detail you may want from a science fiction novel. Through the book we can see what the future might be like. Actually, after reading this novel, I am really afraid that one day technology may become so advanced, and computers may possibly control our world. If this actually happened in modern day, we can live as long as we want, but what is the meaning of our life? In the novel, drugs become the meaning of living, and almost everyone in that world is addicted to drugs. That is a terrible hell-like
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