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The Council of Nicaea lasted from May 20th to June 19th of the year 325 AD. Nicaea was just east of Constantinople, the city that Emperor Constantine made the new seat of power in the Roman Empire after he spilt the empire. Constantine was the Roman Emperor legalized Christianity in the Edict of Milan in order to unite the empire, which adds to the irony of him physical splitting the empire. At the Council of Nicaea, Emperor Constantine led a group of church bishops and other church leaders with the express nature of defining the nature of God for the entirety of Christianity and eliminating confusion within the church so they could create a consensus. The Council of Nicaea affirmed the belief that the divinity and eternality of Jesus Christ and defined the…show more content…
Arius was a priest from Alexandria in Egypt. He believed that God was holier and greater Jesus. Arius’ position is explained in the statement, “there was when he was not”. In this he means that Jesus Christ is equal with God the Father and there for less divine. Arius believed that Jesus Christ was God’s first creation and that through him everything else was made. This made the Son the only direct creation of the Father and thus unique among all creation as the first and greatest created being, but it also made the Father’s divinity greater than the Son’s. Arius was believed that the Trinity did not work with Monotheism, as there would be three deities. This idea was dismissed and all but two of the council members voted to excommunicated and exile Arius. In contrast, The Gnostics did not believe in the humanity of Christ. Since Jesus was divine and Perfect, He could not possibly be Human, because Physical forms are evil. There for they asserted that Jesus could not have died on the cross, but instead his spirit fled, right before the moment of what would have been the moment of His death. Thus, His death was just a symbolic act of god’s love. However this Idea didn’t go very

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