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Bill Gates grew up as the middle child; he has an older sister and a younger sister. His parents met when his dad was in law school. Gates mother was an athlete. The Gates family was very close. Just like any other family the children always wanted to be better than the other, even when they were played board games. Gates’ mother worked as a teacher for a little while, later on she stopped working so she could raise her kids. His mother worked hard to help the community and different charities. She was also a part of the different corporate boards such as the First Interstate Bank, and the United Way and International Business Machine. She always wanted to help people so she took time and did what she felt needed to be done. Growing up Bill…show more content…
They both loved computers, so they bonded and came really good friends. The two boys spent their free time working on computers in the computer lab. They were always making different computer programs. Even though they were good friends they fought a lot over little stuff like who was going to run the computer lab or who was right. At one point the fighting got pretty bad, and Allen kicked Gates out of the computer lab. The computers at the school were restricted. Gates and Allen circumvented those restricts by taking advantage of the school software program and making it where you could get free computer time. They did get in trouble. They were told they could only return to the computer lab if they would fix the problems they made. Later on Gates decide to make a payroll program for the same computer company the two boys decided to hack. They also developed a scheduling program for the school. At the age of 15 Gates and Allen made a program that could monitor the traffic patterns in the city of Seattle. They received $20,000 for the effort to make the program. Later Gates and Allen decide they wanted to start a company. Gates parents wanted him to finish school and wanted him to go to college to become a

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