Bilingualism In Canada Essay

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Canada is a bilingual country. The reason why Canada is officially bilingual originated from what countries colonized them ( Scott, 2011 ). Quebec was French colony and the other areas of Canada used to be English. A few centries ago, however, Canada was unitied when English troops defeated France. Aspect of British, like religion and education, replaced their customs. The threat of extinction seems to have a stimulated the presevation on their mother tongue. It caused many military and cultural movements. Although there were so many historical inccidents, the fact that they speak their orginal language has still remained. Some people who live in Quebec are francophones and others are anglophones. Canada history explain why bilingualism…show more content…
Nonethless the present lanuage systems have countless benefits to compensate for these difficulties, so it seems to be easy overwhelming the challengers. Learning second language makes people think creatively. The more people think creatively, the more people are hired. So learning second language give them more chances to be employee.(as cited in Baluja & Bradshaw, June 22, 2012), // By a 2006 survey by the Commissioner of Official Languages (as cited in Baluja & Bradshaw, June 22, 2012), 89% of Candian think that if someone can speak more than two languages fluently, they have more opportunities to be succeed in global economy. // The fact is true that the percentage of bilingual has stagnated since 1996, it does not illustrate Canadian do not have a mind to learn French and does not mean that the number of French speaker has been decreased. Every single year, approximately "1.5 million" attend in basic course to learn French, and "338,000" students in Canada are taking French immersion programs (Baluja & Bradshaw, June 22, 2012). Also enrolment has steadly increased. For instance, many parents want to give their children a chance to study in there. According to Lepage and Corbeil (May, 2013), the number of bilingual increased to 5,795.6 (thousands). The growth has not stopped

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