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One person who believes whistleblowers should be protected rather than punished is Robert Taylor, a writer for PolicyMic. An example he uses in this article is Edward Snowden, an Ex-CIA contractor agent who revealed that the NSA has been monitoring our phone and Internet activity. He states that whistleblowers need support and sanctuary from people. He backs his claim by saying whistleblowers pay a steep price for “spreading the message of liberty”. He says people will be discouraged to speak out due to the consequences whistleblowers face. Taylor is in favor of a Whistleblower Protection Program. He sees whistleblowers as heroes, and offers other options to ‘blow the whistle’: such as apps like . Taylor proposes that besides using those tools to protect whistleblowers, but also to help people become whistleblowers until there’s too many of us to go after. In other words, he believes being a whistleblower should be normalized in lieu of being shamed and fleeing to other countries seeking asylum. One flaw in his argument is that there is a Sweeping Generalization in it. A sweeping generalization is when a person uses a specific case to support a general conclusion. Robert Taylor is using one example throughout the whole article, Edward Snowden and the NSA. There are instances where he makes hypothetical…show more content…
He claims that if a Whistleblower Protection Program is put into place, then it will be more socially acceptable, encourage more people to become whistleblowers, and bring more ethical issues in organizations to light, as if the program is the solution to all these issues. In actuality, the first two outcomes might happen over time. If there’s any fraud, or other unethical practices, establishing the program will help bring in reports of those

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