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Bigfoot, real, fake, or even extinct? Bigfoot is a beast that thrives in most areas all over the world. Bigfoot has been known as a close relative to humans. Opposable thumbs, facial features, and even some DNA. Many people do not believe in bigfoot. They simply say they have no proof, but if you would listen to reason, there is plenty of evidence proving of bigfoot’s existence. Some people have seen and even photographed bigfoot. Why the rest of humanity doesn’t believe in bigfoot amazes me after all the proof of his existence has been released. Bigfoot comes in many colors and sizes, like the American bigfoot that lives in the forests of America. It is big, brown, and is usually found to be very aggressive. The snow bigfoot, or a yeti, is…show more content…
He eats meat, like small coyotes, rabbits, and foxes. He also eats plants, like mushrooms, leaves, and certain other plants. Bigfoot’s reproduce like any other mammal. The male produces sperm and the female’s eggs are pollinated by the male’s sperm. The baby is born alive and not in an egg. The baby is about the size of a four year-old and has little hair. This is known by some as “Even scarier than the adults. “ says some bigfoot…show more content…
This can be explained with many reasons. One reason is that nature has a way with getting rid of animal bodies. Many large animals die each year of natural causes, yet rarely are any bodies found. When an animal dies, its body is quickly got rid of by maggots and other beasts. This process can take less than ten days. Anything still remaining will be spread out across the forest, rotted, or buried in leaves. Some experts also feel that Bigfoot may bury their dead as humans do. Another thing worth mentioning is if someone is hiking in the woods and see's a bone, they don't usually take it with them for further analysis. On top of everything, these creature’s probably don't die very often, making any fossils very rare. All of these factors make it unlikely that any bodies are to be

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