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The Zuni tribe live on a reservation that is 450,000 acres in the McKinley and Cibola counties in western New Mexico. About 12,000 people live on this reservation. The Zuni people have lived in the same area for the past 4,000 years because they were never forced to leave their homelands (The Pueblo of Zuni). The Zuni people speak their own language, which is called Zuni. Many of them also speak English (Zuni Indian Fact Sheet). Much of the Zuni tribe’s past is seen in art, which they use as a record of the past (The Pueblo of Zuni). The Zuni tribe do many things in order to get their food, although they are primarily a farming society. They grow, and mainly eat, corn, beans, and squash. The Zuni people are mainly vegetarian in their meals, but when they are able to get meat, they eat a lot of it. When meat is available, they eat deer, antelope, turkey, and other small game. All of this hunting is done by men. The Zuni people also gather nuts, fruits, and herbs. The gathering is done by the women (Zuni Indian Fact Sheet).…show more content…
The clothing uses very vibrant colors. The men wear breechcloths, which are long, rectangular pieces of deerskin, cloth, or animal fur. They are worn between the legs and tucked over a belt. The women wear mantas, which are knee length cotton dresses that fasten over the right shoulder and leave the left shoulder bare. In the 1900s the women started to wear shifts under the mantas. Both men and women usually wear their hair in chongos, which are figure eight shaped buns. Sometimes, men wear their hair at shoulder length and women wear theirs long and loose. The men would also tie headbands around their foreheads. On special occasions, women paint their moccasins white and wrap white strips of deerskin around their shins called puttee. On these special occasions men wear kilts. (Zuni Indian Fact

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