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INTRODUCTION Bigfoot, which means big feet are gigantic mysterious creatures that are still under study and research until now. The creature is said to be still alive and living in the mountains of snow among the United States and China Himalaya mountain. Even some people believe these creatures can be found all over the world. Its existence is not only in a country which has not proved that the myth about the legend of a race. Big hairy human-like creatures cross the monkey is said to be hiding in the woods or an area explored by humans. It shows this mysterious creature intend to stay away from humans. SUMMARY Many who claim to have encountered the creature Bigfoot and say a big man, had big teeth, eyes red, his fur is dark brown or dark red, and covers the entire body. Some witnesses also saw a hairy creature like a gorilla and a height of 7 to 8 feet. Bigfoot is said to not attack humans or otherwise harass people will flee if bumped into people often move even if the man is conscious of its existence. It only eat young tree shoots and will rub against trees to disappear itching on the body. Bigfoot is known as Apes, orangutans, and gibbons Ghost Gigi rare among the indigenous peoples claiming Johor Bigfoot living in such a family group consisting of father, mother and children. Most of the findings to prove the existence of these creatures is the discovery of footprints, hair strands…show more content…
Bigfoot title was later used extensively by the media after another significant discovery in Bluff Creek, California in 1959. In addition there are pictures and the most famous Bigfoot video footage taken in 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Northern California, United States. However, the authenticity of the evidence is still discussed

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