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In the play Oedipus by Sophocles, fate has a very big impact on all the characters. Whether fate affects the person's time of death, or their children in the future, it has an impact on all. The fate of Oedipus was shown through his town, his character, and his children. The role of his fate made an almost perfect character, into an outcast. The major theme of this play is that everyone is subject to the fate they are assigned to, and that there is virtually no escaping it. In the beginning of the play, Oedipus is a great king who everyone admires, because of his bravery and wit. When the terrible plague arrives,Oedipus tries to find out what happened and runs into the prophecy that has been following him his entire life. Oedipus’ fate has…show more content…
Since his fate included him having children with his mother, his daughters will not be accepted into society. A small act, such as running away, made the fate of his daughters that much realer. after Oedipus blinds himself, he says, “What good were eyes to me? Nothing I could see brings me joy” (Lines 1471-1472). At this point in the play, Oedipus has finally realized that the prophecy had been following him along his entire life. It had brought about the sudden realization of the fate of his daughters, who chose to wander with him, for no one would take them in. He realizes that his fate, had changed those around him and that his actions have consequences. When the chorus watches this, they say, “Now as we keep our watch and wait the final day, count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last” (Lines 1683-1684). In the beginning of the play, Oedipus was a great king, but as time went on, his fate choked him until he could no longer be great. The chorus reflects on this, by telling the audience the importance of not jumping to conclusions, for fate has an ending for someone who may not even be beginning. This is why Tiresias says, “Those who jump to conclusions may go wrong” (Line

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