Navajo Culture And Health Essay

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Different cultures have a set of distinctive health practices that they use to treat illnesses. It is important for nurses to understand the health practice variations among different cultures as a way to integrate modern medicine with traditional ones. In this discussion, I will identify the ways the Navajos culture influence health-seeking behaviors, the influence of traditional Navajo folk medicine and Mary Littlejohn’s case study in the way it influences health-seeking behaviors. Family bonds and living in harmony is an important element of the Navajo culture. The Navajo people solely rely on traditional medicine and the use of a medicine man to treat illnesses. They rarely use modern medicine unless it is the last resort and often, this may be too late into their illness to treat. The Navajos did not center their schedules based on the time, therefore it could be difficult for them to keep up with appointments or take medicine on time. Since the Navajos believe in being harmonious with their natural surroundings, being out of harmony is believe to be the cause of their illnesses. The Navajo culture depends on individuals that specialize in traditional medicine for cures when they are sick. These folk healers go through years of medicine training before coming into practice. Occasionally, the folk healers will work with modern day doctors to treat their patients. Folk healer and physicians have…show more content…
However, we can work together to combine the positive features of both cultures so that the patient can still maintain their values and tradition and still relieve some modern day health interventions. Medical education needs to nurture the healing ceremonies of Navajo culture to be more reflective and culturally competent (Forrest, 2011). In turn, educating the Navajos on medical intervention will increase their awareness on taking initiatives on their health

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