Immigration In New York City Essay

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I'm trying to learn about the history of immigration in New York city throughout the years. Because I want to find out the experiences of the people, and how difficult was the change on their life, in the terms of introducing themselves to a new culture. Some of the sources that I would be using to conduct my research are,,, In conclusion, I think that it was a very difficult phase in their life, because they did not know how to speak the language and many others difficulties that I would be explaining throughout my research. Many people emigrate to others country searching for a new life and a better economic status. In the same way, many others immigrants came to give their family a better life and to be able to bring their son/daughter's to have a better education and so in that way they could have a better economic position , in their future. Leaving their native country could be hard for them, because they have to go to a new country, where they are going to find their self in a…show more content…
This Immigrants some of them had the opportunity to be able to receive a jobs or lands for farming. Others immigrants tried to look for people that were from their same country. When these immigrants finally could've find a job, many of the other employers took advantages of their status, so they could pay them a very little money and it was even worse for women, because if the employers took advantage of the immigrants mens, for women was a lot worse, because they were women, and at the same time immigrants. However, these immigrants they did not only suffer the low payments of their work, there were other also abuse physically and

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