Wendy's Frosty Research Paper

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Have you decided to give up fast food at places like Wendy's, but still want to enjoy a tasty frosty from time to time? If you do not want to be tempted by the menu at Wendy's, then the best option is to make your own. A Wendy's frosty with three ingredients can easily be made at home. The best thing about a Wendy's frosty with three ingredients is you will not need to worry about having any unhealthy ingredients. Ingredients List Sweetened condensed milk ( 1 ¼ ounces) Chocolate milk ( ½ gallon) Whipping cream (8 ounces) Equipment List Ice cream maker Mixing bowl Spatula Step 1 Add the chocolate milk and condensed milk into your mixing bowl. Step 2 Add the whipping cream and then fold together with the spatula. Step

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