Berlatsky Masculinity

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Being a Man “Man Up!” Men around the world have heard this phrase numerous times, but why? The article, “How Boys Teach Each Other to Be Boys,” by Noah Berlatsky, speaks about traditional demands and rules that young boys tend to follow starting a very early age. Traditionally speaking men and women have certain standards to meet in the eyes of our society. However, men are taught to be very tough and show no fear. In America, men have different types of “teachers,” such as their friends, parents and/or their school teachers. One way masculinity is taught in America is at home. Parents are often a major influence in gender identity. Fathers will usually teach their son to stand up for…show more content…
They pick up all these traditional traits of masculinity by adapting to a culture that expects and demands that they do so. (Berlatsky 1) This excerpt clearly shows that boys are not born being aggressive or not being open with others. They learn to be this way through influences. Masculinity is about standing up for themselves and being tough, in today’s society of course. Young boys are forced to follow a set of what it’s called the “Guy Code” rules. These rules consists of boys/men, meeting certain standards to qualify to be a called a man. Another way masculinity is taught in America is through their peers. Young boys are influenced by their friends every day. They are shown an image as to what it takes to be considered a man. In the article Berlatsky states, “So young boys are learning from each other about masculine posturing. They’re teaching each other, but it’s not like this is something that they’re born knowing” (Berlatsky 1). This demonstrates that young boys are learning how to become “real” boys through each other’s influences. For example, if a boy is watching R-rated movies watch those kinds of movies as well. Young are influenced every day and learn new things from other young
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