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Austin LaFalier Mrs. DeSilva English 12 29 September 2015 Achilles vs. Beowulf The meaning of a hero hasn’t changed much from the time of the Trojan War to today. An example of two heroes is Achilles and Beowulf. In the Iliad written by Homer, Achilles is a Greek warrior that fights in the Trojan War, around 1200 BC. On the other hand no one really knows who wrote Beowulf, Beowulf is a Geat prince in the Anglo-Saxon time period. Achilles and Beowulf are both epic heroes, but they are different because of their cultures that they came from and the reasons why they fright. Achilles and Beowulf are both epic heroes that face greater odds. Achilles is Greek warrior and his mother is a Greek goddess that gives him god-like strength to go after the man that killed his best friend. On the other hand Beowulf is also an epic hero that faces great odds. Beowulf ignores the feud between his tribe and a rival tribe to help them when monsters were attacking them. Both Achilles and Beowulf are epic heroes that have different cultural views.…show more content…
For an example in the Iliad Achilles believes in Polytheism, the belief in many gods. Here is a couple of the Gods and Goddess that are mention in the Iliad Thetis, Zeus, Apollo, Pallas Athena, and Hermes. Then there is Beowulf at this time his culture was stating to switch from Polytheism to Christianity. For this time period, it was a huge change. You can tell that Christianity has an influence at this time because it states “…, he never/ Dared to touch king Hrothar’s glorious/ Throne, protected by God-God…(line 82-84)”. Due to their cultural differences it gives them different reasons to

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