Enrique's Journey Analysis

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Imagine traveling for 3 weeks through the dangerous territories of Mexico with a smuggler and suddenly,one day you are left all alone with empty pockets. I believe that smugglers don’t provide a valuable service because they aren’t reliable, most smugglers abandon their migrants,and are very expensive. About 5.6 million mexican illegal immigrants live in the U.S today,but how did they get here so safely? One reason I believe that smugglers don’t provide a valuable service is because you are never guaranteed to reach your destination.”Another friend is panic-stricken when her 3-year old son is caught by border patrol agents as a smuggler tries to cross him into the United States.” In Enrique's Journey Lourdes has a friend that paid smugglers to bring her son to the U.S.Lourdes friend has taken a very big risk paying a smuggler because now not only has she wasted her money she has also lost her son.”Carmen was robbed by her smuggler when she trekked north in 1985. She went without food for 3 days.”In the prologue of Enrique's Journey we met a character named Carmen, she was the author's cleaning lady.Carmen tried hiring a smuggler to bring her into the U.S but she was robbed.…show more content…
Most coyotes leave their migrants alone when they are traveling. It is very risky to trust a coyote because they are usually uneducated or criminals.”The typical coyote is a white American man of Hispanic descent, 34 years old, with little schooling says huffpost latino voices.” This shows us that anyone can be a coyote with little or none education and they might have bad

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