Summary: A Career As A Nurse Assistant

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IntroductionThis article gives readers an insight about how a good nurse assistant performs withintheir workplace. Through tasks that vary and working well with their coworkers, you will findthat being a nurse assistant requires a strict eye for detail. Not only do we learn about their jobs,we also get to see how their town, care unit, wage, work benefits, race, gender, and shift timeaffects their performance in the nursing home. This information is relayed to readers throughidentity-protected surveys taken by nurse assistants, and private interviews from the actualresidents being taken care of by those nurse assistants. As a CNA in training, I do believe that weare influenced by our surroundings as to how well we provide care to our residents.…show more content…
Who knew a difference in shifts can greatly affectthe care given to a resident? Besides the time slot you work, the town and overall environment ofthe nursing home can play a factor in the care received by residents. Working in a good town andin a clean nursing home with all necessary equipment within reach makes for a happier CNAwhich will reflect the quality of care they give to their residents. Something I agree with fromthis article is when the author talks about nurse assistants with greater pay, benefits, and tangibleor intangible rewards are more likely to be committed and stay with their job compared tosomeone who doesn’t have those kinds of perks with their job. This has influenced me in a…show more content…
Yes, I do think working in a place with all of the benefitslisted above would make me want to be a better CNA, but regardless of where I work, what mywage is, and how often I get rewarded, as a nurse assistant, you should always be thriving to givethe absolute best care you can give. You enter the health field because you care deeply aboutothers and want to see them be well again. You shouldn’t be there just to try to get a highersalary every year, or to get extended vacation days as a reward. A true CNA works throughwhatever obstacles they are given and still works diligently with their motivation to be theirresident living a more comfortable life. I think I will use this information to help me build betterintegrity when I go to clinicals. Although I do not know what my working environment will belike and I will not be getting payed, I should still put my best foot forward every day to help theresidents, and to give piece of mind to their families that their loved one is in good hands.For Further StudyI would’ve liked to have had the families of the residents be interviewed and asked how they feltabout their loved one’s CNA. In this article, you got feedback from both residents and nurseassistants, but I think the family member’s opinions are just as important since they are the onespaying the CNA’s. I think nurse assistants get a bad rap from the community because everyonesees nurses as the hard working ones.

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