How Is Hector's Definition Of An Epic Hero

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A brave and noble character in an epic poem is often known as an epic hero. Along with the aforementioned characteristics, these select people also are usually admired fir great achievements or affected by grand events. After reading “Beowulf” and “The Iliad”, the above qualities really stood out in the two respective main characters. Now, Achilles and Beowulf equally fit the bill for an epic hero; however, differences still lie about because the come from incredibly different backgrounds. Achilles’ thirst for revenge fueled his actions that have landed him under the category of epic hero. In example, he says, “I must reject this life… If Hector does not feel my battering spear tear the life out of him, making him pay in his own blood for the laughter of Patroclus!” Homer (76. 26-30) Here introduces the very beginning of Achilles’ grief determined actions. Nothing was going to stop his overall goal of ending Hector’s life and this quote is the ultimate proof of that.…show more content…
Case and point, the occasionally over-confident hero said, “we’ve taken its life, but its gold is ours, too. Hurry, bring me ancient silver, precious jewels, shining armor and gems, before I die.” Beowulf (63. 757-761) Here is one of Beowulf’s last requests before his unfortunate demise. As you can see, he wasn’t asking for a simple glass of water or for the embrace of one of his loved one’s. No, what this man asked for was the jewels and other treasures. Which proves that his love for materialistic things not only exist but stay true even throughout his

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