Generosity In Beowulf

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Beowulf is considered a great hero, someone who is strong, courageous and has many achievements. The question is, is Beowulf an epic hero or an Anglo-Saxon hero? Given the qualities of both heros many people would argue either or on such a topic. An Epic hero is said to be someone who is strong, and glorified by the people, while an Anglo-Saxon hero is said to be, brave and generous. Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon hero with the qualities he has, which include, bravery, loyalty, generosity, and friendship. Beowulf demonstrates a great amount of bravery throughout the text. He shows his bravery when he defeats Grendel. “‘I ended his reign, avenged / His crimes so completely in the crashing darkness / That not even the oldest of his evil kind / Will ever boast, lying in sin / And deceit, that the monster beat me.’” (Beowulf 317-21). The quote shows that Beowulf was brave and went out there for the people and took down Grendel and he is proud to say that he ended Grendel’s reign and that the great monster did not beat him down. Beowulf used his…show more content…
Beowulf validates many different acts of generosity in friendship to the people and his leaders. And Beowulf Welthow’s gift, her wonderful / Necklace, to Higid, Higlac’s queen, / And gave her, also three supple, graceful, / Saddle-bright horses; she received his presents (Beowulf 429-32). Giving gifts such as horses and a necklace demonstrates the generosity that Beowulf acts upon. Heart where Higlac’s young son could see / Wisdom he still lacked himself: warmth / And good will were what Beowulf brought his new king (Beowulf 621-23). Beowulf bringing warmth and good will to the new king was a significant part of showing friendship. He went out and welcomed a new king. Beowulf’s friendship and generosity of others is what makes him an Anglo-Saxon hero. He does not do it for himself but for the people, not for glory but to help

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