What Is The Qin's Relationship With The Han Dynasty

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Over the large span of the Chinese empire, many political and social methods were experimented with. Ideas changed with time, and so did the dynasties; the Zhou, the Qin, and the Han. Throughout the empire, the political views and social methods varied due to the fact that they learned from one another, creating the strong Chinese empire we now study today. The Zhou dynasty began in 1122 B.C.E. prior to the period of waring states that arose later in the dynasty. Leading up to this time, the Zhou leaders lead a system of feudalism. This system created a system of social injustice where the aristocrats and armies ruled above the peasants or serfs. Since this philosophy was about dominance of control, too many different powerful leaders…show more content…
The Han dynasty was a diplomacy unlike the previous dynasty where war was everything. Confucianism was the main philosophy of this dynasty although there were others. In Confucianism the belief was that people should lead by example so that others could strive for perfection of their moral character. The superior had to serve those below them by showing benevolence, goodness and intellect otherwise known as ren and those bellow had to honor the superior by striving to be better, working hard and not letting the superior down. In Confucianism the emperor's job was to, keep taxes low, provide material needs and give justice to those who deserved it. Education was also crucial in striving for moral improvement. Since merit was the foundation of the system, an education from the Imperial Academy was important in the government. However, it was also expensive, which led to mostly wealthy young men leading the government. The family was also expected to mirror political views, filial piety, in order for all of the people to be unified politically. These many concepts created a strong government in which the dynasty thrived. The Daoist philosophy also was introduced in this time but was not practiced by many. The Daoist philosophy believed that nature choose humans destinies for them and, they were not in control. Socially, during the Han dynasty on of the first trade routes were used, the silk road. The silk road allowed the empire to assimilate with other cultures. The road spanned from china to the middle east and much more than just silk was traded. This allowed China to learn about other cultures and try to implement those ideas into their own culture thus growing the Chinese

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