The Crucible Act 1 Analysis

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A life lived without sin is the Puritans goal; for if they commit no sins, God must have chosen them to be one of the few elect, who go to heaven after death. As Parris is wandering around the forest one night, he discovers Betty and Abigail “and ten or twelve of the other girls, dancing in the forest [that] night,” (Act 1 pg 38). Puritans are not allowed to dance, laugh, or wander through the forest because of the evil connected to these actions. These girls have committed many sins in just one night, along with Parris, who was also lurking around the forest and witnessed a naked girl dancing. In Act one, Mary Warren approaches Abby, confessing that they should “got to tell. Witchery’s a hangin’ error, a hangin’ like they done in Boston two…show more content…
Mary Warren warns Abigail that she must confess, or there will be major consequences. Abigail refuses to confess because she does not want to get in trouble for dancing, singing, conjuring spirits, drinking blood, and being in the forest. Like the girls, many Puritans keep to themselves because of the consequences they fear that they would have to face. In Act IV, when Parris, Danforth, and Hawthorne meet at the Salem Prison, they debate issues that may arise with several people including Rebecca Nurse. If someone makes a “confession, [it will] surely damn the others in the public eye, and none may doubt more that they are all linked to Hell. This way, unconfessed and claiming innocence, doubts are multiplied, many honest people will weep for them, and [Parris, Danforth, and Hawthorne’s] good purpose is lost in their tears,” (pg 128 act 4). Many of the higher power officials in Salem commit sins by protecting themselves instead of doing the right things, and helping the community. Parris, Danforth, and Hawthorne are afraid of what can happen if someone confesses to Abigail and the other girl’s

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