First Signs Of Forensic Science In The 1800's

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First Signs of Forensic Science When it comes down to catching bad guys, it is not only the law enforcement officers who help in apprehending the suspects and their criminal counterparts. There is an almost ancient technique that has brought thousands and thousands of criminals into a reality check, and that ancient technique is called forensic science. Forensic science has been around almost as long as recorded history has begun. Some of the first findings and studies on forensic science were way back in the 700’s, when people in the Chinese dynasty started using fingerprints that were embedded in the clay tablets, to see and keep record of all of the people who made all of the different sorts of documents and clay sculptures that were created…show more content…
Starting in the 1800’s, many different types of crimes and the evidence that followed those crimes, called for different approaches and new types of investigative tools and practices as well. The 1800’s was pretty much the epicenter for these modern practices that we now call forensic science. In the 1800’s the use of forensic science changed the way law enforcement agencies around the world used evidence very intricately to solved and prove or disprove guilt upon the accused at hand. Back in 1888, forensics was at paly when doctors in London, England were allowed to examine several of the victims of Jack the Ripper. He left his murderous streak for the public to see in horrific medical fashions. This ultimately led to many to new techniques within the forensic sciences realm. According to a New York forensic science history website these are a few things within forensic science that were developed in the…show more content…
There are several different aspects of forensics and its counterparts. These are broken into different areas within the forensic science system. There are three main subjects of study. There is the chemistry, biology and physical science. Here are some brief explanations on what each of these fields of forensic sciences do within that study group. In the chemistry section the scientists study: spectroscopic analysis, chromatography, pH and other chemical tests. In the Physical science division they study blood spatter analysis, car movements in car wrecks, structural analysis and ballistics. Last but not least is the biology section of the forensic science system, and they study fingerprinting, hairs, entomology, behavior aspects and all kinds of DNA testing within those parameters. I personally am no expert on any of these areas in question, but these areas within the forensic science world, is what I believe will be the future of the criminal justice systems realm of infinite possibilities as we know it. With these kinds of technologies at hand, the criminal justice system will have many new criminals behind bars where they belong, and also have evidence to free accused innocent perpetrators and bystanders from crimes they did not commit. Forensic science is not only to find out who’s guilty of crimes, but also who is innocent. With forensic sciences like DNA analysis, it almost impossible to get the

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