The Peacelike Mongoose Analysis

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The Peacelike Mongoose 1. The text is about a mongoose, who lives in Cobra country. His family and all the other mongooses hate cobras and like to kill them. The mongooses’ duty is to kill cobras or to be killed by them. However, this mongoose do not want to kill cobras. He questions the traditional mongoose way of life; therefore, he become the most hated individual in all of the land. False rumors about him spread and his family speak ill of him. Eventually the peacelike mongoose is convicted and banished from mongoose society. 2. The mongoose is intelligent and uses reason to explain why he does not practice violence, not even against cobras. The others think intelligence and reason is bad things, they say it leads to treason. Killing cobras is mongoose custom, and when he refuses to fight cobras, he is considered anti-mongoose and pro-cobra. The mongoose’s dissimilarity with the other mongooses results in false rumors. The most vicious rumor is also the one that leads to his banishment. The rumor says the peacelike mongoose has venom in his stings. The same kind of venom cobras have. 3.…show more content…
The rumor gave the other mongooses a reason to banish him, but to me it seems very clear, that they were just scared of the difference between them and the mongoose. They did not understand why he wanted to be different and to do things differently than they had always done. Albeit, he clearly expressed that he only wished to live in peace and avoid any kind of violence, their hatred towards him grew. They all started to come up with conclusions of what must have been the cause of his refusal to kill cobras, that way the rumors came to existence, and eventually led to his

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