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Night, by Elie Wiesel, is a nonfiction story of his experiences in the holocaust and his thoughts on the events at the time. The book goes through Wiesel’s life in the Nazi camps and his journey for liberty. The story starts just before the Holocaust and ends shortly after liberation. This book has touched many and inspired even more. It has attracted a large audience, since it was on “Oprah’s Book Club”, won a Nobel Peace Prize, and is a required read for high school students across the country. Due to it’s well reception and popularity, many people have read it and have their own opinions on it. On “”, Night is a 4.5/5-star book, This means that the majority of people who have read it liked it. A common thing that was liked in…show more content…
These reviewers didn’t like the book for many reasons, one of those reasons being the fact that they wanted more, as previously discussed. Also, they too wanted the story to continue after the liberation. Another reason they really didn’t like it, was the fact that they thought the author was a hypocrite, because of some things he said in and then out of his book. This was the main cause of those lengthy 1-star reviews because they really didn’t like the author. However, that shouldn’t affect the quality of the reading. The rest of the problems they had with the book were purely cosmetics, due to where they bought it. However, I personally loved the book. It was amazing to see “inside” the camps and to learn the narrator’s thoughts and emotions towards all of the events that were going on. Also, much knowledge about the Holocaust was to be gained. Opposed to historians telling it from their modern point of view, readers got an inside, first-hand experience. While the book was obviously strongly biased against the Nazi’s, it was very factual and informative of what the prisoners had to eat, how to act, and what they had to do. Overall, it was a great way of informing people about the

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