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Caroline Kantor September 25, 2015 History Cp 1 Benjamin Franklin: The Philosopher, Inventor, and Writer Benjamin Franklin is one of the most unique figures in American History. He was born January 17,1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. When Ben was 15 years old his brother started The New England Courant, the first official newspaper in Boston. Ben aspired to write for the paper, but his brother would not allow him to do it. He wrote letters at night to the paper, and signed them with the pseudonym Silence Dogood. He snuck out at night and placed the letters under the print shop door. After 16 letters, Ben confessed to his brother that it was he was the person submitting the letters the whole time. Ben’s brother James was angry at him and was very jealous of the attention he was getting. In several years Ben furthered his education in the printing trade…show more content…
One invention are the bifocals, which are glasses Ben made for people with the condition presbyopia. Benjamin himself had this condition. They were glasses with two halves, the upper for distance, and lower half for reading. Franklin also invented the lightening rod. A lightning rod attracts the lightning from the sky before it can do any damage to other structures. Ben also invented the Franklin Stove. It was a very useful invention used to heat homes. It provides more heat, less smoke, and uses less wood than a usual fireplace. It radiated heat from the middle of the room in all directions, and the walls of the stove absorbed heat, heating the room even after the fire went out. When Ben was a young man he was also an avid swimmer. He invented swim fins to help him swim faster. Franklin’s personal favorite invention of his was the Glass Armonica. It is an instrument which made musical tones when you rub your fingers on glasses filled with different amounts of fluids. These are just some of his many other
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