Coming Of Age In 'The Treasure Of Lemon Brown'

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To mature, or in other words “coming of age” is something that everyone will go through in one point of their life. It is a change of heart, a transition, which in turn can make a person mature or more adult like. This idea of coming of age also applies to characters. In this particular case, Greg, Squeaky, and Julia. Three characters from completely different stories, have one particular thing in common, by using characterization, one can see that all three of these characters had a breakthrough in personality, or in other words, a coming of age. To begin with, in the story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers, Greg is shown by the author to be a young and very rebellious teen from the get-go. When his father scolds Greg on his math grade, he storms off into the streets of Harlem without a word to his father, “He stood to go…show more content…
Squeaky in the beginning of the short story is shown to be a confident, determined and stubborn young girl. In the story, Squeaky is a tough young girl who can’t accept others opinion “So as far anyone’s concerned, I’m the fastest, and that goes for Gretchen, too…” and “I’m the best” this portrays her as greedy and cocky of her abilities. She says “I’m the fastest thing on the block… they call me mercury…” This shows her determination and cockiness of her skills. However, Squeaky soon has a change of heart. She sees her disabled brother, Raymond, standing up and running on the other side of the fence. She realizes that winning this race wasn’t the only thing that was important in her life. Her brother is a big part of who she was and Squeaky looks at her brother and is finally happy with something other than winning for herself. Squeaky transforms from a self-centered, arrogant and selfish young girl to a more kind, caring, and someone who realizes that winning a trophy isn’t everything that

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