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While reading this article about Alzheimer’s, I learned many things I did not know before. The article began with discussing how common Alzheimer’s is and how the growing number of people with this disease is increasing because the baby boomers are growing older. This increasing number of elderly people with Alzheimer’s will affect the economy because many of these people are retiring, leaving open jobs that need to be filled. The reason of Alzheimer’s are not known, but there are some factors that could play a role, including genetics, lifestyle, and diet. The way that Alzheimer’s happens is proteins in the brain form clumps, which are amyloids, around neurons, and then a different protein cuts off the neuron, destroying neurons and shrinking the brain. Scientists have developed some drugs that somewhat improve memory loss, but there are not any drugs that completely cure Alzheimer’s. They have created a drug that they are testing to fight amyloid formation, but it is not completely proven. The scientists have also concluded that there might be numerous treatments for different patients. The government is contributing money, but more is always needed to research and develop treatments and drugs to fight Alzheimer’s. There is also a new anti-amyloid…show more content…
For example, the number of people needing to be hospitalized for surgeries will increase and more doctors will be needed, thus affecting the economy and college graduates pursuing medical jobs. Other health issues that may come up are an increase of heart attacks and strokes. Both of my grandparents have had strokes, and it is a devastating thing. Strokes are similar to Alzheimer’s in the way people can lose the ability to speak and walk. Families will have to take time out of their life as their parents or grandparents age and can no longer live in their own home. Also, the cost of assisted living is high and

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