Beneatha In A Raisin In The Sun

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Aspirations of today A Raisin in the Sun written by Lorraine Hansberry chronicles a poor black family living in a small cramped apartment on the south side of Chicago during the turbulent 1950s. Mama and Beneatha are alike in dreaming about a brighter future, but they differ in their views on religion and Beneatha’s choice in men. Lena’s “principle dream” (Hansberry and Nemiroff 13) not only consisted of owning a home but also consisted of providing “stability and happiness of her children” (Hansberry and Nemiroff 13). Mama the “black matriarch” (Hansberry and Nemiroff 11) of the family wants to move her family out the ghetto and in to a nice neighborhood. She yearns for a home with a spot for a garden, a nice big yard for her beloved grandson Travis to play in and enough room so everyone could have their own space. Beneatha also has aspirations for the future as she has dreams of one day becoming a doctor. She “is already socially mobile, finding a place, as her family cannot, among other petty bourgeois…show more content…
Mama is a conservative old fashion woman who has a strong religious belief in God. Everything that Mama does revolves around faith. Beneatha a young independent college student has some un-Christian like ideas concerning God. She denounces God as an opinion that exist only in one’s mind. During a discussion between Mama and Beneatha, Mama tries to stress the importance of God's role in Beneatha becoming a doctor. However when Beneatha sates that "God has nothing to do with it” (Hansberry and Nemiroff 50) Mama gets mad and slaps her daughter. Mama lets Beneatha know that she and her father raised her in a Christian manner. Lena made her daughter Beneatha state that “ In my mother’s house there is still God” (Hansberry and Nemiroff 51). Beneatha and her mom not only disagree about religion they also disagree about Beneatha’s choice in
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