Figurative Language In The Hollow Men

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In order to captivate the minds of readers, authors must incorporate prominent levels of emotional, intellectual, and political concepts in literature. By doing so, readers will be convinced with what the author has to say. A great author named T.S. Eliot created a dark dystopia poem named “The Hollow Men”. It captivates the prominent levels of literature through intellectual, political concepts, but lack emotional perception. Some authors write literature all the time, but some writing has a different meaning than what is written. For instance, “Shape without form, shade without colour, Paralyzed force, gesture without motion;” This indicates that everything has been altered from natural state into something that has no meaning. This quote…show more content…
Sometimes authors may lack the emotional concept in someone’s perception. “We are the hollow men” it represents that we the citizens have no feeling, we like robots because we have no emotions, we don’t have any unique traits any more. The quote symbolizes that when we read this poem we try to read, based on the feeling at the character presents to us. In this poem because the first line expressed the way that the citizens are then we will read the whole poem in the same tone. “Our dried voices, when we whisper together are quiet and meaningless.” We can’t use our voice to talk to other about what we feel also, because the few of us who think about how thee society had been created will no longer have the voice to speak up about their opinion on life. Some might say that this is not the way people should live, but the reality is in our society people life like this every day not being able to use their voices to express their feeling or them self. People do not have the same human rights has other even when we are living in the same society as each other. We are so post to believe that we live in this perfect place where everyone can be happy and speak for their rights. In the end people take that right from us like we are there puppets. Puppets that are forced to feel and act like everyone

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