Gail Giles's Shattering Glass

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In the story Shattering Glass, Gail Giles explains the horrors and how horrific high school can be. Many kids just want to get popular in high school but when Rob makes a bet that he can turn a nerd, Simon into popular prom king things take the worst. As simon becomes more popular he starts to do things his own way. Leading rob to take any risk necessary to get back in control. Simon changed throughout the story from being a loser and cowardly, to then popular, to then ungrateful and greedy. But the theme of the story is to not fall under the spell of peer pressure. In the beginning Simon was a loser and a nobody, everyone seemed to hate not really knowing why they did. Simon was always picked on for how he was being him “Simon was textbook geek. Skin like the underside of a toad and mushy fat. His pants were to short and his zipper gaped about an inch from the top” (Giles 1). Everyone saw him as a geek because how he dressed and how he was him. He was one person that everyone…show more content…
As Rob takes Simon to some quick places they are astonished as what he has become. “Voila!’ the stylist trilled . He spun the chair and whisked the drape with a flourish, unveiling Simon. Amazing Glass’s hair lay against his head from a perfect straight part.” (Giles 44). They were all astonished at what simon had become. They knew that he had sprouted into one of the popular kids growing from nothing but a little no one. But all of the work done came from a little bet Rob did with his friends. Simon was with some friends one night and decides to drive and Young says “I thought that Simon Glass in the drivers seat of that car was like seeing a pig on a throne.” (Giles 137). Young thought it was weird that Simon was in the drivers seat because he wasn’t yet used to the idea that Glass was popular and thought that he was once a no one a couple months ago and was now one of the most popular kids in the

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