To Kill A Mockingbird Good Vs Evil Analysis

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In the book ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ one of the most important themes is the struggle between good and evil, or the moral nature of humans. It’s the idea that evil, portrayed in this book through hatred, racism, prejudice and ignorance, conveyed through the character of Bob Ewell imposes a major threat upon the good, in this case the innocent, people such as Tom Robinson. Innocents in life are never prepared for the evil they must face in the real world, and such, as a result, are very often destroyed. One’s innocence does not last long, it is such a frail, fragile little thing. However the thing about good and evil is that, a good person will not always make good choices in the same way that an evil or bad person will not always make evil…show more content…
The Ewells are a white family, however not very high upon the social ranking. In fact they are only just above the black community. Atticus Finch is Tom Robinson's attorney. His job is to fight for the justice of an innocent. He fights his heart out to protect the good (Robinson) even knowing the case is already lost simply because the evil in the world decided that a white man’s word, even in this case of someone as low as Bob Ewell, will always be placed over the word of a black man. Soon Ewell’s story begins to fall apart. With Robinsons defense poking the holes. Come time for closing speeches, it is evident that there is no possible way that Robinson, a good man, was capable of having committed the crime of harming Mayella Ewell. Looking in chapters 17 and 18, during parts of Atticus’s defense, he points out certain obvious problems in the Ewells’ claim. Mayella's hesitance, along with the fact that Mr. Ewell is left-handed and Tom's left hand is crippled clearly show that the criminal is quite possibly Mr. Ewell himself and not Tom Robinson. Despite this proof of Tom’s innocence, he is still charged guilty simply because Tom is from the black community, and the jury, judge and the Ewell family themselves are all whites. The racial prejudice and evil-minded ignorance that exists in the world led to the people viewing Tom Robinson as a criminal, just because of his…show more content…
He is your stereotypical white racist man, who is ignorant and prejudice in the means of color and differences. He thinks he is better than any colored man, just because “whites are superior”. The Ewells in Maycomb County are considered the lowest, dirtiest beings there. Only placed above the black community, despite the fact that the blacks contain more admirable qualities. Bob Ewell, the real criminal in the story, believes that if he blamed Tom, an innocent black man, it would be a speedy trial where he would be convicted guilty like nothing. Where the good don’t stand a chance. Ewell figures he would be considered a ‘hero’,so to speak, for turning in Tom, the only person he is actually considered more important than. Representing the fact that Evil, in order to excuse itself, will prosecute the Good and the innocent, because they know that the Good do not stand a chance in this world of discriminatory

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