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One of the biggest rules in lab safety is to always label the beakers with the name of the substance or liquid that it’s containing. Today, we were working with water and some other chemical that was still unknown to mankind. I still wonder why our school, let alone our science teacher, allowed us to handle such a chemical. I have decided to name it Chemical X. It just so happened that Chemical X looked a lot like water. The first thing our teacher told us to do was to label the beakers containing the water and Chemical X. Being the lazy person I was, I completely ignored the instruction. I thought that I could tell the two beakers apart. Emphasis on, “I thought.” When we were well into the experiment, I became quite thirsty. My lunchbox was in my locker, and I was too lazy to go and ask if I could go to the water fountain, so guess what I did. I took one of the beakers, assuming it was water, and quenched my thirst. It tasted a lot like water, so I assumed that I drank from the right beaker. It wasn’t until things started changing that I…show more content…
I don’t know why I chose to ask the atoms, since they make up everything. Who even knows if one of them will actually tell me something true? I passed by a group of girl atoms who were giggling and talking with each other. It was almost as if they were acting as a single unit. One of the girl atoms giggled and said, “Hashtag molecule goals.” It was then when I realized that “molecule” was an atom’s word for “squad.” I went over to them and said, “Wow, you guys seem pretty close.” “We have a pretty strong chemical bond,” one of them replied. As I continued walking along, I saw two other atoms. One looked extremely happy and the other just stared at the ground with a depressed look on its face. I walked closer to them, and I saw that the happy atom’s nucleus had a positive charge, whereas the sad atom’s nucleus had a negative

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