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Have you ever been touched by a book? I bet you have. So you know that there are some books, whose first page captivates your whole existence and haunt you even after their last sentence. I had the enormous luck to find such a type of book in my early teenage years. In fact, it has been more than 5 years since I read it, but I still remember every little detail and emotion that I felt. In this essay I will try to state some of the things that this book taught me and made me realize before it is too late. Let us begin with the title - “Before I Die”, written by Jenny Downham. The story is developed around the main character – Tessa, a girl who is diagnosed with leukemia and after 4 years of constant battles and chemotherapies, the doctor’s said that her cancer is terminal and she has a short time left. Now, this is a book that you think you may predict, but it is definitely not. After hearing the bad news, Tessa…show more content…
Death is sad and desperate whenever it happens. However, people never accept the fact that dying is the only certain exit of this “game”. We are often scared to even think of it, because we might be reached. Well we will, for sure, do not bother, but before that let us take the lesson, which Tessa gave us. The biggest advantage we have as humans is that we are given a certain time in which we can do whatever we want and be whoever we want. Nothing is taboo and nothings is forbidden as long as it makes us content and enough. The universe does not care for anybody, and nobody is more than a grain of sand. Nobody is watching us, and nobody is writing down all our sins. You are not going neither to Heaven or Hell. So instead of waiting “for the right time” just do everything you have to do, because there is no right time and there will never be. Our time here on Earth, before converting into the dust of it, is actually “the

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