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Disagreements that are handled in a positive manner will have an effective outcome, however, if the conflict is handled in an inappropriate way then the situation could become worse. In some cases, conflicts can ultimately become very constructive, they can bring issues out into the open and a positive outcome can be found for both sides. However, if emotions, personal attacks and insults are involved then relationships and communication can quickly brake down and it can be difficult to find a resolution. With children and young people, it is important to remain calm and not take sides. In many cases pupils resolve their differences on their own, so knowing when to step in is important. Ensure that you have both sides of the story, give time to all concerned so they can have their say. Encourage pupils to discuss the situation and negotiate solutions. Helping pupils to understand that…show more content…
Remember not to discriminate or embarrass adults. If necessary conversations can be conducted in rooms away from other people. It may also be necessary to involve some form of mediation if a solution cannot initially be found. Ultimately, the school grievance policy should be followed where a positive result can be achieved. Question: Question 9 Answer: There are rules and procedures that need to be followed when dealing with pupil and family information. A certain level of confidentiality should always be maintained, and it is very important to be up to date with relevant legislation, such as the Data Protection Act. Schools collect lots of information regarding pupils. This information helps teachers and other staff care for children appropriately, taking into account individual needs. However, it is important to remember any information that is collected and stored needs to comply with the eight principles of good practice under the Data Protection Act. Therefore, all data must

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